Training and Commitment

Search and Rescue requires a commitment that far exceeds the commitments of other volunteer organizations. You will be asked to work in physically and mentally challenging environments for extended periods of time. You will train hard and spend long hours in the field. You will be called away at all hours of the day and night. We ask that you strongly consider the time commitment required for this type of work. Most months, trainings and meetings will require approximately 10 hours of your time. And while no previous search and rescue experience is required, most applicants have some hiking, backpacking or similar outdoor experience. A typical search assignment requires us to move confidently over difficult off-trail terrain while carrying a 20 lb pack.

As volunteers for the Sheriff's Office, we are also asked to assist with many community events and assignments where additional personnel are requested.

In return for your hard work, participation in our unit also comes with tremendous rewards. Not only will you be part of a life-saving team, you will also meet dedicated and talented people along the way – people who share the same love of the outdoors and service to their community that you have.

Here are some of the skills our members learn. All classes are provided by the unit.

    • CPR for the Professional Rescuer / AED

    • Oxygen Administration Certification

    • First Aid Certification

    • Physical Fitness Hike

    • Search & Rescue Pack Check

    • Sheriff's Office Orientation

    • Traffic Control & Safety

    • Map, Compass & GPS Wilderness Navigation

    • Radio Communications

    • Search Techniques & Clue Awareness

    • Basic Technical Rescue

    • Diagnosis & Treatment of Hypo- and Hyperthermia

    • Incident Call-Out Mobilization Procedures

    • Man tracking

    • Overnight Trainings (Unexpected Night Out)

    • Incident Command System 100 & 200 (on-line courses through FEMA)

    • Helicopter safety

    • Full Background Check & Live Scan Fingerprinting

24 Hour SAR Pack List

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